Austin Original Wangs!

  • 8 Bone-in Wangs w(1) sauce and waffle fries combo

    Served with celery, carrots and ranch

    8 Bone-in Wangs just $ 16 00 + waffle fries
  • 8 Bone-less Wangs w(1) sauce and waffle fries combo

    Served with celery, carrots and ranch

    8 Bone-less Wangs just $ 16 00 + waffle fries

Whatever you choose!

All the sauces have no added sugar but are sweetened with honey.

All the sauces contain  no nuts, no shellfish and are gluten free.

Boneless wings are breaded in gluten free corn flakes.

Wings are fried in rice bran oil which contains no allergens, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, along with other health benefits. 

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UT Football - It's Gametime! Kansas State-Wildcats vs Texas-Longhorns
3:30 pm Kick-off
Bevo Boulevard
(near San Jacinto Blvd & 23rd)
Austin, TX 78712
Fri: TBD

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Chaparral Crossing 4600 Senda Ln. Austin, TX 78725 Sat: 4 pm – 7 pm

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My good people

Welcome to Ain’t No Thang But a Chicken Wang

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Jeigh Valdez. It’s pronounced Jay. I’m also lovingly referred to as BIG J, Uncle Jeigh or Coach. I am Texas Born (a 1973 original), Austin by way of Georgetown bred. I love this city. Austin and I have a long, long history together. Some good, some of it not, but all of it worth it. Because, all of those experiences led me here. Led me to my dream, my dream to serve you simple, delicious food, give back to the community and accomplish it through the elements that mean the most to me. The elements of Hip Hop and the humanity that comes with the culture.

Those close to me often say my life could be a movie. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thang. I have experienced real high highs, the unfortunate low lows, and everything in between. At my lowest, I was a few bad decisions away from being homeless, or most likely in jail. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of being hungry.  That, gratefully, I haven’t had to experience for many years. But the feeling, the feeling stays. That feeling of not knowing when or where food is gonna come from. That feeling is too real for too many kids in our community. This is where my passion lays. A passion to not only feed my peoples, not only to feed the community I love these delicious wangs, but to feed our youth that may be experiencing hunger.

Ain’t No Thang is dedicated to helping kids that may be caught in a stressful situation of hunger. Although we may not know all their stories in detail,  I do know one thing; if I can I will. I will help them eat.

And although I have no children of my own, I’ve met and mentored many youth and seen plenty of their despair in the boxing gym over the past 15 years as a pro and amateur boxing coach. I and we have achieved many accolades but none more fulfilling than to be there for the youth that need that extra push or meal. Then, to be able to see them develop into responsible adults, while avoiding the pits falls I and others have been through.

As far as Hip Hop goes, I am Hip Hop. Hip Hop is not just the music, it’s the culture and way of life. I’ve learned to connect, motivate and continue to spread the culture by just being. It is the soundtrack to the career that I have developed over the last 25 plus years in the restaurant industry.

Ain’t No Thang is a food trailer centered around the delicious simplicity of the chicken wang, Hip Hop culture, and the humanity of fighting hunger, one chicken Wang at a time. Chicken wangs and Hip Hop are synonymous with having a good time and connecting. I would love the opportunity to connect with and serve you.

Come holla @cha Boi.

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